In this main category you will find Housing related products and services. These are divided into the Top best online providers of the respective service or product. The top 10 best websites has been carefully compiled and provides a quick overview to place the desired order.

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Top 10 Solar Panels 

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Solar Panels Centres | Your shop for all your Solar Panels

A-brand solar panels and inverters at very attractive prices. Contact us today and receive a sharp tailor-made quote within 24 hours.

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Vivolanda is more than just a web store. The philosophy is that they want to offer their customers one reliable address where they can buy everything they want or need in everyday life. Vivolanda does this by working as a web department store to buil

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Online pet store: looking for luxury/design for your dog or cat?

Online pet shop: luxury, design & lifestyle for dogs and cats. From luxury dog baskets and dog leashes to designer cat boxes and scratching posts.

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Overstappen.nl: Independent Comparison Site & Switching Service

Fast, Independent & Truly Free Switching. 250,000+ Households preceded you. Energy, Internet, Care, Car Comparison and Switching.

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KinQ | Smart makes easy!

Kinq.nl ✅ Excellent support ✅ Easy returns ✅ Pay after receipt

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Best service, trusted close by Expert.nl

With 140 stores throughout the Netherlands, Expert is a specialist in home electronics

✓ Best Service

✓ Personal Advice

✓ Trusted close by.

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EasySwitch.nl - 100% independent comparison & switching

EasySwitch.nl is happy to help you save hundreds of euros. Easily and quickly compare all energy suppliers, telecom providers, and insurers.

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Animal specialist loves animals and has everything for your pet! With more than 60 shops, an Dieren Advies Centrum and an extensive webshop, they are happy to help you!

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DierenwinkelXL.nl: The Online Pet Shop and Fishing Shop

Pet shopXL is your online pet store with thousands of products directly to order for your pet and angling. The first Quick Pro Shop in the Netherlands. Order safely, cheaply and quickly from th

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In this department store everyone can go: young and old, a pet lover, the active athlete, the parents who are looking for gifts for their kids... Are you a trendsetter or would you rather choose the old familiar? No problem! With us you can shop easi

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2L Home - For A House & Garden With Character

2L Home &Amp; Garden wants to produce and offer attractive home and garden items, which are affordable for everyone, to make your home a home. 2L Home &Garden does this by designing and offer

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VPN online - Safe and Limitless | Goose VPN Service Provider

Safe and limitless online with GOOSE VPN service provider, the affordable, customer-friendly VPN service. 30 day money back guarantee!

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Pet Shop Online - For your dog, cat and more - Pets Place

Pet shop your drowsy in the largest pet shop in the Netherlands. From dog basket to scratching post you can easily buy here in the webshop or in our 200 stores

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FonQ is the online store specializing in home products. A wide range, choice help and inspiration should help to get the desired décor at home. FonQ.nl was founded in 2003 and has webshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The head offi

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HEMA - makes everyday life more enjoyable and easier

On hema.nl you will find the HEMA store with the largest assortment. Order easily online and have your order delivered at home or pick up for free from your HEMA.

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AliExpress is currently the largest online store in the world and has been operating for 20 years. I'm sure everyone's heard of it, but they don't know exactly who or what AliExpress is and what they're doing. The total profit of AliExpress's webshop is a

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Coolblue is a Dutch webshop that mainly specializes in consumer electronics. For a long time, Coolblue had the trademark that it set up a separate web store for each product group, with a.nl and a.be variant of each store. The company used a niche st

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Bol.com is a webshop in the Netherlands and offers general merchandising products in categories such as music, film, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, baby products, gardening and DIY. Per 2020, the store serves 11 million active customers in the

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Compare via Slimster | Understanding comparison

Compare products and services via Slimster and quickly find your best deal. ✅ Read detailed information, current prices and audited reviews.

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Business energy comparison - 100% Independent on Minder.nl

Minder.nl is an independent energy comparator for the business energy market: Large business, SMEs & ZZP - Compare all suppliers in 2 minutes

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Pure Energie is an innovative and pure Dutch energy company. We build windmills and solar panels in the Netherlands. We sell the power from these projects directly to our customers. As a result, we are the greenest energy supplier in the Netherlands

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Welcome to the best online department store bellatio.nl in the Netherlands and Belgium. At Bellatio you will find an assortment of 50,000 fun items in the field of clothing, toys, party items and gifts.

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Compare all-in-one, internet, TV and calling - Breedbandwinkel.nl

Largest provider comparison site for internet, TV and calling (ADSL, VDSL, cable, fiber optic). Best service and lowest prices: always cashback!

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Bosch Unlimited (Series 8) vacuum cleaner review: as good as a Dyson vacuum cleaner?

If you are planning to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can of course buy a Dyson. But after Dyson, Bosch brand cordless hoovers are the best-selling. The Bosch range consists of 51 models on bol.com, for example, and 16 models on Coolblue, for example. Bosch vacuum cleaners are a popular choice, especially if you want to buy a cordless hoover. Bosch's top models of stick vacuum cleaners are th ... [...]

What are the differences between the cordless Dyson V15, the Dyson V12 and the Dyson Omni-glide vacuum cleaner?

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