Top 10 best lubricants

Top 10 best lubricants

September 29, 2022

Sex is always better when both participants feel good. Many men and women also find sex more enjoyable with lubricant. Lubricants contribute to the natural lubrication of your body, giving you more intense sensations. Moreover, there are different flavors, scents and effects for those who want to experiment and are looking for variety.
Many people think that lube is something you only need when you don't get wet enough. However, it can make almost all sex better, for both women and men. 
Using lube is not just for people who have trouble getting aroused and wet. Experimenting with lubricants can also be an exciting adventure. Lubricants help increase pleasure and sensation during sex, masturbation or massages.

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An intimate lubricant is a liquid or liquid substance can be used to reduce stiffness during sexual acts such as intercourse, playthings or masturbation. A lubricant for sex specifically helps to have less friction on your skin to improve your sex life. Most lubricants come in the form of a liquid or gel.
You can use a lubricant when you have sex with your partner, masturbate alone or use sex toys. Lubricant ingredients are suitable for the sensitive skin of your genitals. Some products even have a pleasant taste or smell. There are also lubricants with effects that give you a more intense orgasm, or speed it up or slow it down.

Why use lube? 

A lubricant is also useful for people who do not suffer from not being able to get aroused or wet. Many women use lubricant to increase sexual pleasure during sex or to start penetration faster. It is also used when masturbating with or without sex toys. Lubricant is also the solution for anal sex. In anal sex, a lubricant is necessary because this area does not naturally produce moisture.

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Lubricant is specially designed to be used on the erogenous zones. These are parts of the body with sensitive skin. Most water-based lubricants are even safe for oral consumption. If you use a silicone-based lubricant, remember that there is then a risk of reducing the effectiveness of a latex condom.
Although lubricant is a safe product, you should always remain vigilant when using it. It is recommended to rinse with water after use so that no residue is left behind. 

What are the 10 best lubricants?

The top 10 best lubricants worldwide listed below have been carefully compiled. Not only has the best value for money of the lubricant been considered, but also safety, softness, ingredients, (own) experiences and objective reviews by previous users.
Below you will find, in no particular order, the ten best lubricants of the moment in our opinion. 


For the most natural feeling of intimacy, go for ID Glide, a water-based miracle! ID Glide offers you the best smoothness you could want in a water-based lubricant.  Use it during intimate moments between you and your partner for an exceptional sensual experience. Use it alone and enjoy your own moments of bliss while kicking off some stress. Use it on your toys and enhance the sensation for a more pleasurable time. This lubricant is good to use in just about any sexual encounter you find yourself in. 

ID Glide Natural Feel Water Based Personal Lubricant - Select Size | eBay

2. GUN OIL H20

One of the best water-based lubricants available. It has the properties of a silicone lubricant but is truly water-based and therefore excellent to use with condoms, latex and sex toys. This water-based lubricant provides excellent lubrication and also contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which helps prevent skin irritation. It does not stain and is easy to clean. A few drops are enough, it lasts a long time and does not dry up quickly.

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Liquid Silk is a silky soft water-based lubricant with skin conditioner. Liquid Silk lubricant (lube) does not stick and prevents the skin from drying out. 
This skin-conditioning lubricant can be used during foreplay, in combination with sex toys, condoms and latex. To be used for example for intimate massage, during lovemaking, penetration and condom use. Also suitable for anal use. 
Once you use Liquid Silk it leaves a silky soft film, this lubricant makes your skin wonderfully soft and supple due to its moisturizing and regulating ingredients.
Liquid Silk is designed to prevent bacterial growth. Once it comes into contact with fungi or bacteria then it will cause them to stop spreading. Safe to use with latex condoms.

Bodywise Liquid Silk Luxury Water-Based Lubricant 50 ml or 250 ml – Love is  Love


An all-round lubricant for maximum pleasure. Pjur Original is the world's first and one of the best-selling personal silicone lubricants. It provides a pleasant, long-lasting moisturizing sensation while leaving your skin smooth and silky. It is super-concentrated and the right choice for intimate, exciting hours. As a safe and reliable lubricant, Pjur Original promises a good time. It is odorless, tasteless and good for the skin. It is also ideal for gentle body massage. Pjur Original is the best choice for new users and lovers at the same time.

Pjur Original Silicone Lubricant - Gays & Gadgets Amsterdam


Pjur Aqua is Pjur's best-selling lubricant. It is water-based so it goes well with all toys. The soft and high-quality formula of this Pjur Aqua is completely absorbed by the skin, creating a pleasant feeling. This lubricant contains no fats and is therefore also good for the skin without being sticky. A fine lubricant for optimal comfort with a neutral smell and taste. Whether for daily intimate enjoyment or regular body care, Pjur Aqua always feels good. 
It moisturizes, is non-sticky and is free of petroleum, oil and perfumes, making it very gentle on your skin and mucous membranes. Pjur Aqua's ultra soft and long-lasting formula nourishes and protects against dry, damaged skin. It is dermatologically tested for skin tolerability.

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Durex Lubricant Sensitive is a water-based pleasure enhancing lubricant for a sensual experience. It does not feel greasy or sticky and is light and soft. You can use it for vaginal, anal or oral sex. The Pleasure Gel reduces vaginal dryness and other intimate discomfort. More from the Basic Confidence line. This lubricant belongs to Durex's Basic Confidence line. This line is for users who want standard lubricant and condoms for comfortable, safe sex. This lubricant is safe to use with condoms and great for body massage and vaginal, anal or oral sex.

Durex Glijmiddel Sensitive – waterbasis - 100 ml


This lubricant from Pjur with Panthenol is a premium water-based lubricant with a long-lasting effect. Pathenol is the working ingredient that has lasting, nurturing and restorative effects. It also leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. This lubricant is safe to use with silicone toys and does not stick. Looking for a premium water-based lubricant with that special little extra, go for this lubricant. Enjoy long-lasting lubricity and a pleasant feeling on the skin. 

Pjur AQUA Panthenol 100 Ml


EasyGlide lubricants are skin-friendly, water- and grease-free and have an optimal PH value. This  lubricant is also an excellent choice when using sex toys and is 100% safe when using latex condoms. The lubricant is odorless and tasteless. It works as it should and feels even more pleasant than other, more expensive agents. The value for money of this product is very good.
The EasyGlide brand produces a wide variety of lubricants. All products are dermatologically tested, comply with strict EU standards and have a CE mark. The lubricants are so versatile that many applications are possible. For example, there are various water-based and silicone-based lubricants for both vaginal and anal use.
EasyGlide's lubricants are skin-friendly (dermatologically and clinically tested and rated), water- and fat-free and have an optimal PH value. The lubricant is grease-free, colorless, odorless and neutral in taste.
The special, grease-free formulation is easily removed with water and leaves no marks, even during passionate moments in the bedroom. Spread as much gel as you want on the desired body part and repeat as often as you want.

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The lubricant is specially designed for women looking for more pleasure and intensity in their sex life and is suitable for sensitive women. It glides extra long and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth. This water-based formula is CE certified of the highest possible quality and with the highest level of user pleasure.You can use the Pjur Woman for erotic massage, vaginal and anal intercourse and masturbation.

Pjur Woman Aqua Glijmiddel Waterbasis - 100 ml |


The water-based lubricant pjur Backdoor Comfort Slide (for anal use), which almost feels like silicone, but still has all the benefits of water. The lubricant is non-sticky and tasteless and odorless. It provides very long-lasting lubricity. The reason for this is the hyaluronic acid, which has the property of binding a lot of water to form small water cushions that provide additional support for the gliding effect. 
Thanks to its higher concentration, BACK DOOR Comfort Water Anal Glide is particularly well suited for intensive anal sex and also for all erotic toys.
- Special water formula for intensive anal sex
- Exceptional gliding power due to hyaluronic acid
- Suitable for all erotic toys 

pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing - Anaalgel op siliconenbasis - voor intensieve  anale seks - langdurig glijvermogen (250ml) : Gezondheid &  persoonlijke verzorging

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