What are the best barbecues for expats?

What are the best barbecues for expats?

February 17, 2021

With the arrival of summer, a barbecue can be a valued tool for those who have a terrace, balcony or garden. The pleasure of grilled meat or vegetables, with the typical taste of food made on the grill, has a very strong appeal for people. And who can resist an invitation to a BBQ?
Do you have plans to purchase a BBQ to prepare delicious food, including in the summer? That is of course understandable, because let's face it - who wouldn't want to move their dinner to the garden or balcony in good weather? Choosing the right version for personal wishes and preferences involves quite a few difficulties. A charcoal barbecue, for example, has other advantages than a gas-powered BBQ. Benefits that relate not only to the shape, but also to the taste.
Choosing the right version is not easy. That is why we are happy to help you make a suitable choice. This category helps you to choose from the different types by listing the pros and cons of each version.
Take advantage of it and make it a tasty summer thanks to our tips!

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What types of barbecues are there, the pros and cons

Charcoal BBQ

The best-known way of barbecuing is without a doubt using the charcoal barbecue: for many self-proclaimed grill masters the most authentic way to prepare food. After all, a charcoal barbecue delivers that unmistakable and unique barbecue taste. A charcoal barbecue works - unsurprisingly - with charcoal or briquettes. You give this time to get up to temperature, after which you will soon enjoy yourself. And are you simply too hungry and can't wait to devote yourself to your burger? Then a charcoal or briquette starter will sometimes help. This reduces the so-called creation time by about fifty percent.


The benefits of a charcoal barbecue

  • Provides an authentic smoky taste;
  • Is easy to assemble and quick to use;
  • Can be used all year round - especially if it has a lid.

Disadvantages of a charcoal barbecue

  • Takes a relatively long time to warm up;
  • Has to do with a temperature that is difficult to regulate;
  • Causes quite a lot of smoke.

When do you have a charcoal barbecue?

Choose a charcoal barbecue if you place great value on an authentic smoky taste and the original experience of barbecuing, including a crackling fire and accompanying scents. If you are looking for simplicity and a quick way of serving is more important, then you should not choose a charcoal barbecue.

Gas barbecue

In terms of popularity and fame, the gas barbecue should probably only tolerate the charcoal variety. Gas barbecues are increasingly popular and it is not difficult to see why. Quickly ready for use, quickly on temperature, easily adjustable: just some of the advantages associated with this way of preparing food. And do you opt for a gas barbecue? Then your neighbors are probably also grateful: a gas-powered one hardly produces smoke. Very suitable for gardens, but also for courtyards. And did we mention that a gas barbecue is quickly clean again?

Gasbarbecue Bazin 6 Antraciet 6 branders + 1 zijbrander met zijplanken en thermometer - gasaansluiting G1/2 F15-21 meegeleverd.

Advantages of the gas barbecue

  • Fast on temperature, so you never have to wait long for your food;
  • Little trouble with smoke formation;
  • Easy to clean.

Disadvantages of a gas barbecue

  • Requires more time to assemble - usually takes a long time to assemble;
  • Naturally works with gas, which you may not like the idea;
  • Works with a gas bottle that needs to be refilled every so often.

When do you take a gas barbecue?

You buy a gas barbecue if you like convenience. The taste is eerily close to charcoal barbecuing, while you don't have to wait nearly as long for your food. In addition, these copies are available in different shapes - small, but also very large. So anyone who is considering a gas barbecue has a lot of choice.

Electric barbecue

An electric version can be a more than excellent alternative for anyone who, for whatever reason, does not think a charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue is a realistic option. As is the case with the gas barbecue, the electric version is also known for convenience and comfort. The appliance does not use an open fire and is therefore seen as one of the safest ways to barbecue. We see a lot of electric ones on balconies and roof terraces - although such a device would of course not look out of place in a garden.

Excellent Electrics Elektrische Barbecue - 2000W - Zwart

Advantages of an electric BBQ

  • Ensures little smoke development;
  • Allows you to easily control the temperature;
  • Usually small in size and therefore easy to move. 

Cons electric BBQ

  • Due to the same small size, it is not suitable for large groups;
  • Requires that there is always an electrical outlet nearby;
  • Usually doesn't have a thermometer, which can make it difficult to regulate heat.

When do you choose an electric Barbeque?

Start eating quickly? Then an electric variant might be something for you. You can turn it on faster than, for example, a charcoal barbecue and this variant is, thanks to its generally compact size, very popular among residents of flats, apartments and upstairs houses. You do of course always have to have an outlet nearby if you want to get started with your new acquisition. Those who put it in the garden usually need extension cords.

Ceramic barbecue

Copies that run on charcoal, gas and electricity? You know them. But a ceramic version is less known and obvious. Still, ceramics have been used as a cooking aid for centuries. Ceramics owes this to its ability to retain heat for longer. The result: you cook for longer at a constant temperature, which ultimately means you need less fuel. It makes a ceramic barbecue ideal for slow cooking, for example: a method that is used, among other things, for preparing delicious spareribs falling off the bone.

Patton Kamado Keramische Houtskoolbarbecue - 13

Advantages of a ceramic barbecue

  • Is able to retain heat for longer, so that you need less fuel in the long term;
  • Provides tender and juicy meat and is, for example, extremely suitable for preparing spare ribs;
  • Suitable for baking and grilling, but also for smoking and slow cooking.

Disadvantages ceramic barbecue

  • Is vulnerable and must therefore always be moved with the utmost care;
  • Takes quite some time to cool down;
  • Causes a relatively large amount of smoke during the heating-up time. After that, smoke is much less present.

When do you choose the ceramic variant?

Do you see barbecuing as much more than simply popping a hamburger on the grill? Then a ceramic one might be something for you. This method of preparation is widely used by chefs who value their preparation method and therefore suitable for making all kinds of culinary delights.

Table barbecue

Barbecuing does not necessarily have to be done at home. It could just be that when you are camping, on the beach or even on a boat, you are caught by a sudden, tasty appetite. In that case, a table barbecue is the ideal solution. You can easily take these copies with you everywhere - and they are usually not too pricey.

Tristar BQ-2813 Electrische Tafelbarbecue - 38x22 cm - 2000W

Advantages of a table barbecue

  • Is easy to take anywhere;
  • Is small in size and lightweight;
  • Is usually a lot cheaper than a full size.

Disadvantages table barbecue

  • Not suitable for large groups of eaters;
  • Can't accommodate too many dishes at the same time.

When do I choose a table barbecue?

A table barbecue is useful if you want to be able to barbecue anytime and anywhere, but also if your living space does not allow a larger appliance. This may be the case, for example, if you live in a flat or apartment.

What are the best BBQ webshops?

In order to prevent grower counts and actually get what you expect, including the warranty, it is important to purchase the barbecue in the Netherlands from a reliable and reputable webshop. Our best online web shops for purchasing a BBQ are:

- Coolblue.nl

- Fonteyn.nl 

- Bol.com

- Tuinexpress.nl

- Warentuin.nl 

Top 5 barbecues

We have carefully compiled the best BBQs based on experiences, reviews, price / quality, recognized brands and other information. The top 5 best barbecues in our opinion are:

€ 659,00
Big Green Egg Large - Met onderstel en zijtafels
€ 1995,00


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