Gun Oil lube; the best lubricant in the world

Gun Oil lube; the best lubricant in the world

March 13, 2023

Gun Oil is a brand of lube designed primarily for use during sexual activity. The name "Gun Oil" is meant to evoke the smoothness and slipperiness of a well-oiled firearm, but the product itself is not intended for use on guns or other machinery. Instead, Gun Oil is a silicone- or water-based lubricant used to reduce friction during sexual activity and increase pleasure. It comes in several formulations, including flavored varieties, and is marketed for both men and women.

Gun Oil H2O

Why is Gun Oil lubricant so good?

Gun Oil lubricant is popular for several reasons:

Long-lasting smoothness: Most Gun Oil products are designed to provide long-lasting smoothness, reducing friction during sexual activity. This can help increase comfort and reduce the risk of irritation or damage to the skin.

Suitable for various applications: Gun Oil lubricant can be used for a variety of sexual activities, including penetration, masturbation, anal sex and use with sex toys.

Different formulas: Gun Oil offers different formulas of lubricants, including silicone, water, hybrid and gel, allowing users to choose which formula best suits their needs.

Ease of use: Gun Oil lubricants are easy to apply and spread. In addition, the bottles are usually well designed for easy dispensing and storage.

Safety: Most Gun Oil products are safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys. In addition, they are usually hypoallergenic and do not contain parabens, glycerin or other substances that may be irritating to some people.

It is important to remember that the effectiveness of lube can depend on an individual's personal preferences and needs, so it is always best to try different options to see which one works best for you.

GUN OIL Silicone Lubricant | Long-Lasting Sex Lube

What types of Gun Oil lubricants are there?

There are several types of Gun Oil products available, including:

Gun Oil H2O

This is a water-based lubricant that has a lighter texture than Gun Oil Silicone, but still provides long-lasting smoothness. It is easily washable and can be used safely with latex condoms and sex toys.

Gun Oil Silicone

This is Gun Oil's original formula and is a high-quality silicone-based lubricant. It is designed to provide long-lasting smoothness and can also be used under water.

Gun Oil Stroke 29

This is a unique formula designed specifically for men. It is a thick, cream-like lotion that warms to a silky smooth oil when rubbed. It is designed to increase the duration and intensity of masturbation.

Gun Oil Stroke 29 Masturbatiecrème

Gun Oil Gel

This is a gel formula that is thicker than traditional lubricants and lasts longer. It is designed to be less messy than other lubricants and is therefore popular for anal use.

Gun Oil Loaded

This is a hybrid formula that combines the benefits of silicone and water-based lubricants. It offers the smoothness and durability of silicone with the easy washability of water.

Moreover, other products in the Gun Oil range include massage oils and anal sprays. It is important to follow the instructions on the package and choose the right product to suit your needs.

Where to buy Gun Oil

You can buy Gun Oil lube both in stores at specialized lube stores and online. Some drugstores and erotica stores sell Gun Oil, but especially online Gun Oil lube is ordered most often because it is fast and easy but also delivered anonymously, something people like anyway. Gun Oil also has its own webshop:

The best online retailers where you can order Gun Oil are: 



3. Amazon

4. EasyToys

What should you pay attention to when using Gun Oil lubricant?

If you are going to use Gun Oil lubricant, there are a few things you should pay attention to:

Check the ingredients: If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, it is important to check the ingredient list of the lubricant to make sure it does not contain any substances that you may have reactions to.

Use the right amount: Don't use too much or too little lube. It is important to follow the recommended amount on the package to get the best results.

Clean after use: Make sure you remove the lube properly after use. If you don't clean it properly, it can cause irritation or become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Watch for changes in smell or color: If the lube changes color or smells unpleasant, stop using it and buy a new bottle. This may be a sign that the lubricant has spoiled.

Don't use it if your skin is irritated: If your skin is irritated or has open wounds, don't use lube. This can worsen the irritation and delay healing.

Use only for its intended purpose: Use Gun Oil lubricant only for its intended purpose. Do not use it on other parts of the body, such as the eyes or mouth, and do not use it on toys or devices not intended for use with lubricant.

If you are unsure about using lube or have questions about Gun Oil products, contact a health care provider or sexual health professional.

The Best Lube for Sex

Reviews Gun Oil lube

In general, there are many positive reviews from users of Gun Oil lube. Here are some examples of experiences users have shared:

"Gun Oil lube is fantastic! It is long lasting, feels natural and makes sex more comfortable and fun. We've tried other brands, but Gun Oil is definitely our favorite."

"Gun Oil's different formulas, such as silicone, water, hybrid and gel, give users choices to choose what works best for their needs."

"Gun Oil has helped me revitalize my sex life. It feels great and is perfect for both solo play and couples."

"Gun Oil lube may be more expensive than some other brands, but it's worth it. It is high quality and lasts a long time. I will definitely continue to use it."

"Gun Oil is safe to use with condoms and sexual devices, and generally does not cause irritation or allergic reactions."

"I was looking for a lubricant that would not be sticky and would work well with my toys. Gun Oil is perfect. It feels smooth and supple and doesn't dry out like some other brands."

"I am sensitive to lubricants with parabens and other irritants, but Gun Oil has none of those ingredients. It causes no irritation and is very comfortable to use."

"The bottles of Gun Oil lubricant are user-friendly and easy to dispense, making it easy to use the right amount.
Some users have reported that Gun Oil lubricant gives a warm feeling, which can provide additional stimulation."

"Gun Oil lubricant is long-lasting and provides a smooth and pleasurable experience during sexual activity."

Of course, there are also users who have had less positive experiences with Gun Oil lubricant. For example, some people have reported a sticky or tacky feeling, or found that the lube dries up quickly. It is important to remember that personal preferences and needs can vary, and therefore it may be necessary to try different lubricants to see what works best for you.

When do you use Gun Oil lube?

Gun Oil lube is a lubricant designed for sexual use, especially anal sex. It is made of silicone and has a thick consistency that lasts a long time without drying out. This makes it particularly suitable for sexual activities where prolonged smoothness is important, such as anal penetration.

It is important to note that Gun Oil lube is not safe to use with latex condoms, as it can damage the latex and increase the risk of breakage. If you plan to use Gun Oil lube, make sure you do not use latex condoms. Instead, consider using a non-latex condom, such as a polyurethane or paneling condom, or use another type of lubricant that is safe to use with latex condoms, such as a water-based lubricant.

It is also important to remember that silicone-based lubricants are not suitable for use with silicone sex toys because the lubricant can damage the silicone. In that case, it is better to use a water-based lubricant.


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