AliExpress is currently the largest online store in the world and has been operating for 20 years. I'm sure everyone's heard of it, but they don't know exactly who or what AliExpress is and what they're doing. The total profit of AliExpress's webshop is about three times as much as that of E-bay and Amazon combined. AliExpress was founded by alibaba's discoverer, Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.
When you think of a Chinese website and the products they deliver, the first thought is that the quality and service is poor. This image was created decades ago, but no longer justified. Also in China, the country of growth and entrepreneurship, one has not sat still and everything has been developed. Not only have the machines, people and materials improved, but the increased knowledge has improved the products including quality. Apart from this, AliExpress is a website that facilitates and does not itself offer or develop or produce prodcuten. On the platform, companies can offer their products and so there are millions of different and active providers who deliver their products to the consumer through AliExpress. Reviews

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