Tuinartikel Totaal was founded in April 2010 and focused on the sale of garden items from the luxury segment. Think of garden lighting, patio heating, barbecues, garden greenhouses, water ornaments, tree boxes and high-quality plant protection. Everything to ensure that the customer enjoys the outdoors.

The assortment of Tuinartikel Totaal consists of products for both practical maintenance of the garden and for creating an atmospheric ambiance. Every season Tuinartikel Totaal is ready for the customer and their garden. From barbecues to winter protection.

The customer at Tuinartikel Totaal is also at the right place for parts. For example, they do not have to purchase a completely new barbecue if a part is broken, or order an entirely new garden lamp if only the light source no longer works. Service is an aspect that is of paramount importance at Tuinartikel Totaal. With knowledge and experience in combination with a good service, Tuinartikel Totaal wants to make every customer feel satisfied. Reviews

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