Since 1983 Sawadee organizes adventurous group tours in which enjoyment and experience are paramount. With over 250 trips around the world, Sawadee always has a trip that suits your wishes and budget. Even when it comes to the length of the trip, there is plenty of choice. For example, we offer both shorter and longer trips to a number of destinations. In addition, you can choose from different types of travel. Whether you are looking for an active trip, a family trip, a trip along the highlights of a country or prefer to visit the lesser-known places, Sawadee is the right place for you. The beauty and authenticity of a country are part of an unforgettable holiday. We think it is important that our travellers and tour guides deal with nature and the local population in a responsible manner and respect the prevailing cultural values. We strive to include in each trip a project that focuses on nature conservation, or where the income directly reach the local population. Sustainable tourism contributes to limiting the negative impact on nature and the environment as much as possible and allowing locals, local guides and hotel and guest house owners to benefit from our arrival. Sawadee offers the convenience of a group tour with many possibilities to go out on your own. We arrange all tickets, overnight stays and transport, so that you can fully enjoy your holiday. On the days when there is no travel, you can go your own way. Our tour guides are then ready with tips on interesting places, excursions and nice restaurants. In order to meet the increasing demand for personal interpretation of the trip, we offer the possibility to book selection programs for many trips. You can think of excursions and an individual extension at the end of the trip. Reviews

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